Little things only extension wearers will understand...

1. They take some getting used to. Whether you get Flatlocks, clip-ins, tape-ins, Stick tip keratin bond, pre-bonded, sew-in, or a weave, the subtle feeling of having something in your hair is as annoying/similar to being subtly strangled by a turtleneck sweater.

2. Synthetic hair extensions are affordable, but can look cheap when they don't blend into your hair. Synthetic hair doesn't contain moisture like real hair does, so it won't shine naturally — instead, it has a super-shiny, unnatural sheen to it. They also don't blend in as seamlessly, can get tangled easily, and can't be styled and re-styled. But if synthetic strands is what you're looking for or if you just want to wear them for one night and don't want to break the bank buying fake hair, make sure you get a colour that matches your real hair understandably.

3. Human hair extensions can be £'s. (supply and demand from the sheer immense now popularity of extensions, and now the drop of the £ against the $ after Brexit, unfortunately pushes the price up constantly from source! Blame the celebs :-/) Since they're made of real human hair and you can do everything you can do with your own hair — like wash, dry, curl, and repeat. That said, if you're going to invest in extensions you're going to constantly wear, real Remy human hair is the way to go.

4. They require time to be fit professionally and correctly. You'll be in the salon chair for at least an 3 1/2 hours for your stylist to put in a full set of extensions.

5. You have to get a haircut to blend the extensions flawlessly. Even if they're clip-ins, if you don't get a special haircut that blends your hair with the extensions, you're going to look like you're wearing fake hair, which is not the goal

.6. You always have to do your hair. There is no such thing as a wash-and-go style when you have extensions. You're either curling your hair or straightening it to blend it all together seamlessly and to look natural.

7. You have to be super-careful when blowing out your own hair or having someone else do it. Because you can't put the same tension or pull on it that you would on natural hair, a specialist technician can always tell that your'e doing this

8. You have to be even more gentle when you brush your hair. Brushing your hair like you just don't care without extensions can cause breakage. But brushing your strands with wreckless abandon with extensions will not only cause breakage, it could possibly rip your hair right out. OUCH! again a specialist technician can always tell you're doing this too

9. You also now have to change the way you brush your hair. With extensions, the correct way of brushing your hair (from roots to ends) SMALL SECTIONS FROM BOTTOM TO TOP WITH ONLY A GENTLE BRUSH AT THE ROOTS will not only prevent the dreaded matting but will also distribute the oils from your scalp onto your strands for healthier hair and scalp. The right way is now working your way up to the extension from the ends (like you would if you have tons of tangles) to ensure you don't accidentally get your brush stuck in your new extensions and pull your bond out with your own hair OUCH!

10 .Because you're not brushing the oils from your roots to your tips, ( there's never ever going to be enough to fill those long thick locks) you now have to manually add a Qua