Talking Loose Hair & Keratin Fusion Bonds

Remy Indian Loose Hair Bundles

Many years ago when I was trained myself, there was pretty much only this method of hair extension fitting around for me to gain a qualification in. A long time after being City & Guilds qualified in both Hair and Beauty, I was looking for something else to use the 'creative' part of my brain. That quickly started a love affair of hair extensions spanning so far 28 years. I found that on every fitting of hair extensions I did on each client, it started me thinking like an artist himself would, aspiring to create his own masterpiece, and taking a great pride and passion in doing so. Each and every head of hair is different, it moves different, has different colours and hues, and what colours do i need to mix to match the clients. It has different crowns and end result needs, all these making you taking a step back before putting your pencil to canvas. To this day this is what I see and do when fitting any type of bead or bond, and I educate my students the same core ethos in their learning program. Anyhow.... where was I?

Oh yes loose hair.. now I really like fusion bonds anyway so I'm slightly biased here, I like the movement in them, the feel of them in my head, the final result and the low maintenance, for me they are my method of preference to wear. Many still call the bond 'glue' and technically, I suppose in a way, that's what it looks and feels like as it's heated down to melt and then, harden to form the actual Fusion Bond, however, it's not a glue at all, the Keratin used to bond the hair extensions, is a natural fibrous structural protein 'keratin' monomer, you maybe able to see examples of these on the ingredients in many products in a soluble form such as protein shampoos, keratin masks etc, or in a strong form such as we use to bond the loose hair to the natural hair by either warm or cold fusion method. ( I also trained in cold fusion but it's a method I never really liked or took to) There goes the mini science lesson...

This method is for anyone wanted a fuller look in naturally thick hair, it can help in taming naturally thick hair by making it lie flatter. it's suitable for clients requiring a varying degree of thickness to balance out the hairstyle or required finish. It's low maintenance as the bonds should just be small enough to allow to grow down for anything from between 3-6 months! it could be then taken out (by a professional only, never try this at home many of the so called horror stories on this method are those who have mostly tried and done exactly this) if you are using a high grade of Remy hair such as our Premium Range then these can then be re-tipped and refitted as often as required

Unsuitable on extremely damaged hair, thinning hair or hair following surgery until back to full health and strength, yet it can be perfect on fine hair due to it's ability to be bespoke on the thickness of the hair and on the hair to be fitted and far less weight than a traditional micro bead let alone the prospect of the bead protruding.

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