Sun, Sea, Sand, & Swimming pools on Blonde and other colour Hair Extensions

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE WE BEGIN - Not to alarm you here, most hair

extensions are and will be fine with only a small proportion of wearers that will ever experience a problem

Whether you are a regular swimmer or like to relax by the pool once a year, protecting hair from chlorine damage is a concern to many. Here are some factoids and help notes

Whether you are looking for information on what happens if you leave chlorine in your hair, how to protect your hair from chlorine, or hair products for chlorine protection, we have your essential guide to chlorine and hair.

When swimming with your Extensions, always ensure they are tied up! Try to avoid getting your Extensions wet. Remember swimming pool chemicals can alter the colour of your Hair Extensions especially blonde & light colours. The same also applies to sun cream and too much exposure to direct sunlight. Glamour's Essential Hair Extension Care System Keratin Spray used in conjunction with the Glamour Essential Argan oil is an excellent method to neutralise and wash away all the chemicals and chlorine from the swimming pools, providing also protection from the sun with it's in built UV Filters and heat protect. Followed by our Leave in Condition to moisturize your luscious tresses, spray this liberally throughout the day, it's a good idea to fill a protein spray and a leave in conditioner in the small travel size spray bottles (cheapest we have seen are B&M, Poundland)

What Does Chlorine Do To Your Hair?

Chlorine affects hair by removing the natural sebum, leaving it dry and brittle. Sebum is the natural oil produced from the scalp, and is responsible for keeping our hair soft and smooth. When the hair is exposed to chlorine, the sebum is stripped away, resulting in chlorine damage. Signs of chlorine damage to hair are tresses which are dry, brittle, difficult to brush, or discoloured. ALWAYS make sure you wash the chlorine out of your hair gently and rinsing lots more than normal to make sure all the chlorine is out to prevent drying of the extensions. Follow by a deep condition using our Glamour Extensions Boost and our Glamour leave in conditioner to ultra protect


Due to the factors above, holidays are the number 1 time in which hair extensions are likely to change colour, as they are exposed to higher levels of chlorine, hard water, sun and sea water.

Even if you do not get your hair wet in the pool, and don’t take a dip in the sea, just the act of washing your hair in the shower can be enough to have you wondering why your hair extensions have turned pink.

The water from other countries is very different to that at home, and the sudden change can cause discolouration to occur.